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Democracy and Debate

Democracy and Debate Across the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA)

In this playlist, we have gathered experts from across the University of Michigan to discuss topics that are central to understanding a democratic society. A sample of themes addressed in this playlist include:

  • The relationship between young voters and climate change
  • The politics of climate change in the 2020 elections
  • The impact of “science literacy” in shaping American political culture
  • Measuring the status and quality of democracies
  • Prediction markets and their relationships to election polls
  • The public sphere and cafe culture in European cities
  • The relationship between ancient and modern democracies

The nature of these topics can be complex, and are often value-laden with different perspectives and ideas. To help you navigate the complexities of these ideas, this interactive syllabus has a “guided overview,” where you can take notes, reflect on questions, and pursue additional resources. Each segment is “hosted” by Dr. Angela D. Dillard and many of the additional resources are drawn from her Fall 2020 course, “Democracy & Debate Across LSA.”

Download the Democracy and Debate Across LSA Syllabus.