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What We Offer

  • Collections

    Short videos, articles, podcasts, and more, carefully curated around a particular topic

  • Courses

    Self-paced, fully online courses that last 4-6 weeks and come with optional certificates

  • Series

    A group of multiple related courses that build on each other, often resulting in a certifcate

  • Teach-Outs

    Online learning events focused around a timely topic of public interest, lasting 7 hours or less

  • Degrees

    Fully online and hybrid accredited degree programs, completable in 1-2 years

What our learners are saying

  • I was a STEM major in undergrad, and had always gotten by with "good enough" writing. However, the Good with Words series helped me to not only improve my writing, but also to enjoy the process on a much deeper level. Professor Barry's lessons were humorous, efficient, and most importantly, approachable.

    Vince Joralemon

    Learner in the United States

  • I've enjoyed participating in the Teach-Outs as they are powerful ways to enhance understanding of some important topics, providing much valuable up-to-date information from different angles, featuring prominent experts from various organizations.

    Kate Kifa

    Learner in Ukraine

  • Taking these online courses has pushed my skills to a new level. Learning from top-notch institutions around the world have boosted my knowledge and confidence. Negotiation is a crucial part of the legal field, and this course has strengthened my knowledge and skills.

    Jarar Ali

    Learner in Pakistan