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Michigan Online Learners,

I am pleased to welcome you to Michigan Online, your destination for global, lifelong, and engaged learning with the University of Michigan.

Whether this is your first connection to the University or you’ve walked our halls for years, Michigan Online is meant for you. In fact, you are the only reason Michigan Online matters.

We are here to learn with and from each other. Our online courses, programs, and events have already brought together millions of learners around the world, spanning every time zone, and reaching nearly every country. Now we need your help to further strengthen this community of lifelong problem solvers. We need your help in order to live up to our collective potential.

The University of Michigan’s mission is to serve the people of the world. We develop leaders and citizens who challenge the present and enrich the future. We create and apply new knowledge together.

Through Michigan Online, we offer you a compassionate public square where learners at all levels are here to learn, connect, listen, and explore. We are removing the boundaries of time, space, language, and affordability as we expand our global campus to meet your needs.

We need your help in stretching ourselves from a global learning community, that advances knowledge and skills, to a global problem solving community, that applies new knowledge and creates sustainable solutions to address the problems that matter most to society.

We know you hold the key to unlocking our collective potential. We know that only when our global campus reflects the diversity of the world around us will we develop and implement solutions to the most complex problems. We need you to join us, not just as learners, but as creators, mentors, listeners, and problem solvers.

Let us know what problems you want to solve and what new skills and knowledge you need to advance your life and career. Let us know what perspectives you bring to our inclusive community. Help us bring the world closer together to discover our shared interests and to create our preferred future. Start your journey with Michigan Online today!

Go Blue!

James DeVaney
Associate Vice Provost for Academic Innovation
University of Michigan