Learn for Justice

Ways to deepen your understanding of the people, structures, and systems around you to take action for a more equitable future.

Justice is a word used to equate to fairness and judgment. It is often said justice is “served,” but is justice served to everyone equally?

We invite you to learn and explore with Michigan Online in pursuit of equity and justice.

Through low-cost online courses; free collections of short videos, audio, and written materials; Teach-Outs; and more, we invite you to better understand the history of inequity around the world, what you can do to support change in your community, and pathways to turn this passion into a career.

Social change for the collective good takes collective action.

Let’s learn for a more inclusive and equitable world.

Let’s learn for good.

Let’s Learn for Justice.

Explore these online learning experiences to understand and address systems and structures that have framed the way we view and experience justice from our own unique perspectives. Also, see how you can take action to advocate for justice and equity in your community.

Understand the History of our Social Structures

Take Action in Your Community

Devote Your Career to Justice