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Community Engagement: Collaborating for Change


Now more than ever, people are seeking ways to affect change in their communities — both locally and around the world. This course is for anyone — from novices to experienced practitioners — who wants to work more effectively with community members and organizations, including through, but not limited to:

  • community-academic partnerships
  • social change projects
  • community service and learning
  • education and work abroad
  • traditional and community-based participatory research
  • non-profit internships
  • public scholarship
  • civic performance

Prepare in advance or take this course simultaneously to get the most out of your experience by engaging with communities ethically, respectfully, and sustainably.

Developed by a highly interdisciplinary team of U-Mcontent experts and faculty, this course is designed to be both engaging and challenging, offering an accessible entry into foundational topics as well as a jumping off point to pursue work and further learning in effective community engagement. It is also a toolkit and a roadmap that offers concrete takeaways and resources for working effectively with communities.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn from experienced U-M students, faculty, and staff and local community partners, and you’ll have many opportunities to try out and apply the principles and concepts you’re learning.

No prior community engagement experience necessary.




6 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible



  • Jennifer Chizek

    Design and Innovation Program Manager

    Engaged Learning Office at School of Information

  • Christie Donahue

    Former Assistant Director

    Center for Socially Engaged Design at College of Engineering

  • Kelly Kowatch


    Engaged Learning Office & Adjunct

  • Katie Lopez

    Director of Office of Global Activities & Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

    School of Social Work

  • Carrie Luke

    Enrollment Strategist and Implementation Lead

    Office of Enrollment Management

  • Danyelle J. Reynolds

    Assistant Director for Student Learning and Leadership

    Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning