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Racism and Anti-Racism in America

A Michigan Online Collection

Understand how racism and anti-racism affect all aspects of society, and learn ways to contribute to dismantling systemic racism in America.

The Summer of 2020 brought to the forefront of American awareness the continued, deeply embedded racism of some of the foundational systems of our society. Although a strong focus has been on police brutality and the unjust murders of Black men and women and other people of color, some of the roots of the issues in our legal and justice systems grow from the systemic racism in housing, health, and education systems. This Collection is a curated portfolio of learning experiences that will help learners understand how racism is systematically embedded throughout the structures and institutions in our society and highlight some avenues for changing those systems to be equitable and anti-racist. Although some of the materials in this Collection focus more generally on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work, applying those strategies to specifically address racist systems and structures is a first, and necessary, step to becoming an anti-racist. If you are new to anti-racist work, or DEI work generally, we would encourage you to take a look at the PREPARING TO BE AN AGENT OF CHANGE playlist first before diving into the others, as it includes foundational information about how social identities, power and privilege are tied together in racist systems and in anti-racism efforts across disciplines

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