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Free Speech on Campus Teach-Out


Free speech is essential for a healthy, vibrant, and democratic society. Yet, the idea of freedom of speech on university campuses is challenged by the ever-evolving social and political realities of a contemporary democracy. This Teach-Out prompts participants to think critically about the role free speech plays on university campuses and how this discourse shapes the broader narrative about free speech protection across the United States. Why is free speech suddenly an issue on university campuses? Is speech or safety at the crux of the issue? How has the definition of free speech evolved between the 20th and 21st centuries and how are universities addressing these changes?

This Teach-Out is part of the University of Michigan 2018 Speech and Inclusion Series that aims to recognize differing views on speech and inclusion, to explore how those views play out in politics, culture, higher education, sports, and journalism, and to engage in productive conversations to promote a positive campus environment and help the community more deeply understand these complicated issues.

A Teach-Out is:

-an event – it takes place over a fixed, short period of time

-an opportunity – it is open for free participation to everyone around the world

-a community – it will be joined by a large number of diverse individuals

-a conversation – an opportunity to give and take ideas and information from people

The University of Michigan Teach-Out Series provides just-in-time community learning events for participants around the world to come together in conversation with the U-M campus community, including faculty experts. The U-M Teach-Out Series is part of our deep commitment to engage the public in exploring and understanding the problems, events, and phenomena most important to society.

Teach-Outs are short learning experiences, each focused on a specific current issue. Attendees will come together over a few days not only to learn about a subject or event but also to gain skills. Teach-Outs are open to the world and are designed to bring together individuals with wide-ranging perspectives in respectful and deep conversation. These events are an opportunity for diverse learners and a multitude of experts to come together to ask questions of one another and explore new solutions to the pressing concerns of our global community. Come, join the conversation!

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