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Racism and Anti-Racism in America

Storytelling for Social Change

Harness the power of storytelling and improve your communication skills

On this course, you’ll discover the secrets of storytelling from expert performers and artists.

Stories are a powerful way to engage an audience and deliver impact. Using characters creates empathy, and makes people more open-minded to hearing something new or engaging with a complex topic.

Learn how storytelling can communicate powerful ideas

By following some simple rules of story craft, any communicator can create empathy and interest – both vitally important when trying to get a message across.

You’ll explore how professionals use stories to drive social change, and understand how introducing multiples perspectives can boost the impact of your message.

Utilise the power of visual storytelling

You’ll learn how visual elements can enhance a story and keep people listening.

You’ll discover how to identify your audience, and create a protagonist that can connect with them, building awareness and shifting attitudes.

Improve the impact of your communication skills

Using peer feedback, quizzes, and personal reflection, you’ll improve your own storytelling techniques, whether you work with a brand, a not-for-profit, or just want to become a better public speaker.

Studying performances and hearing from storytelling professionals, you‘ll end by developing a creative project of your own.

This course would benefit professionals who want to tell an impactful story, including those working in not-for-profit or commercial sectors, marketing teams, writers, educators, and public speakers.

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