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Practicing Gratitude Teach-Out

Ways to Express Appreciation to Others / Lesson 2 of 2

The Gratitude Gap: Why We Hesitate to Share Appreciation

6 minutes

So far, we’ve talked about what gratitude is and the science behind it. We’ve learned how beneficial it can be for our health and well-being. Now, why is it so hard to practice gratitude? Let’s look at what it takes to lead a grateful life first to find out.

There are two pillars to living a grateful life, one inward and one outward. The inward pillar can be defined as cultivating a grateful outlook. The outward pillar can be defined as building a habit of appreciation, and it can have a big positive impact on others.

The problem: most people believe expressing appreciation to others is a good thing, but also expect it to be awkward or unnecessary.

In this next segment, we will hear all about the two pillars and the gratitude gap from Ryan Fehr, Associate Professor of Management and Michael G. Foster, Endowed Fellow at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business.

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