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The World & COVID-19

Pregnancy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the United States alone, there’s an average of 4 million births each year. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, that amounts to a lot of women who are understandably concerned about their health and the health of their child.

In this episode we talked with Phoebe Kulik, a program manager at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and a first-time expectant mother, about what it’s been like to be pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic. To learn more about what we currently know about pregnancy and COVID-19, we also sat down with two experts in maternal health in the department of Epidemiology: Research Scientist, Miatta Buxton, and Associate Professor, Alexis Handal. They offered insights on the unique challenges the pandemic has had on expectant mothers, and what we can learn to provide better care.Podcast: Pregnancy During the Coronavirus Pandemic