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The World & COVID-19

Homelessness in the time of Coronavirus

It’s estimated that more than 500,000 people in the United States experience homelessness on any given night. In recent weeks, social distancing and stay-at-home orders have been implemented across the United States in order to slow the spread of coronavirus. But, for people currently staying in homeless shelters which may serve hundreds of people at once and have communal living spaces, this presents unique challenges for both staff and residents. In addition, people facing homelessness often have comorbidities that go untreated, placing them at greater risk for serious illness due to coronavirus, and economic downturn could mean that community support for the homeless population could be in even greater demand in the future.

In this episode, we talked with Barbara Brush, a Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education at the School of Public Health and an expert on homelessness and health about the hardships people experiencing homelessness encounter daily during this pandemic. We also spoke with Linda Little, President and CEO of the Neighborhood Service Organization which provides shelter and support to thousands of people in Metro Detroit each year about how coronavirus has impacted how they provide care to the people who need it. Learn more at Homelessness in the time of Coronavirus Podcast