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Understanding Impeachment Teach-Out


Welcome to the Understanding Impeachment Teach-Out. Whether you’re a republican or a democrat, independent, or not affiliated, you likely have questions about impeachment. In this Teach-Out we will be speaking with leading experts across the disciplines of law, political science, and public policy as well as former federal prosecutors and political candidates.

We recognize that impeachment of any elected official can be a hyper-partisan event, one that often splits along party lines or is wrapped up in deeply rooted personal and political ideals. We wanted to create this Teach-Out as a learning experience and an opportunity where everyone, despite political opinion, can join and have a productive and respectful conversation. Rather than focusing on current events that are changing daily, this Teach-Out aims to provide context by exploring the legal and political processes of impeachment, the history of impeachment in the U.S. and the implications that impeachment may have on the U.S. moving forward.

In this Teach-Out we will cover the following questions:
What are the legal and political processes of impeachment?
What are the different forms of congressional oversight and where does impeachment fit in?
How do lawmakers frame decisions around initiating impeachment proceedings? What’s at stake?
How does potential political pressure relate to the impeachment process? In past examples or in today’s process, do we see impact from media influence or election proximity?
Are there examples from Presidents Johnson, Nixon or Clinton that could help our learners better understand impeachment in the U.S.?
What are the key similarities and differences between criminal proceedings and the impeachment process?




1 week



U-M Credit Eligible