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Thrive in Trying Times Teach-Out

What We Mean by Thrive / Lesson 1 of 5

What we mean by thrive

1 minute

What We Mean by Thrive

In this video, Monica breaks down our assumptions about the word thrive and helps us reframe it for how it’s used in this Teach-Out. As you start to redefine what thrive means for you, consider the definition used by scholars who contributed to this Teach-Out.

To Thrive requires a focus on two aspects of any particular contexts:

  • Actualizing human potential in an organization or community so that people are purposeful, energized, engaged, resilient, and able to draw upon their strengths.

  • Intentional design of structures that work to mobilize positive connections, positive emotions, positive meanings, and other resources that can be directed toward purpose-driven excellence.

Understanding what it means to thrive in this way is like putting on a pair of glasses. It takes the dual lenses to make the image clear. Together, they show us a much clearer picture of how human communities turn possibilities into realities.

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