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Thrive in Trying Times Teach-Out

What We Mean by Thrive / Lesson 2 of 5

The Flourishing Triangle

4 minutes

The Flourishing Triangle

This is the first of two grounding theoretical concepts that help explain the science of what it means to thrive.

Jane Dutton, the Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Business Administration and Psychology and co-founder of the Center for Positive Organizations, describes the concept of the Flourishing Triangle, a seemingly simple framework that reveals many possibilities.

Understanding this triangle gives us the framework to understand how the actionable practices in Week 2 relate to thriving.

Jane explains that high quality connections offer us feelings of mutuality, energy, and positive regard. We can form them very quickly, and every interaction offers a possibility. But, it is not always natural to do this digitally. We challenge you to see the possibility for connection with other participants in this Teach-Out. Take just a few minutes to:

  • Post in the discussion to introduce yourself: where you are joining from, why you came to this Teach-Out, and how you are doing right now.

  • Find one other post in the discussion that interests you. Reply telling them why you found their post interesting. Consider offering them gratitude, a compliment, or well wishes for the rest of their Teach-Out experience.

  • Stop and think: how did that feel? What was the same and different than meeting someone new face-to-face?

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