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Disinformation, Misinformation, and Fake News Teach-Out

What is Disinformation, Misinformation, and Fake News? / Lesson 1 of 4

Getting to know the terms

7 minutes

Many of us have heard these terms mentioned by our family, friends, politicians, or the media. In this step, Hailey Mooney, Librarian for Psychology & Sociology at the University of Michigan, explains the terms “disinformation,” “misinformation,” and “fake news,” and explains how they serve different roles in shaping national and international narratives in our society.

For further information about these terms, visit the National Endowment for Democracy’s website Distinguishing Disinformation from Propaganda, Misinformation, and “Fake News” and explore the University of Michigan’s Library Guide “What is “Fake News”?, co-authored by Hailey Mooney and Jo Angela Oerhli, two of our guest experts in this Teach-Out.

Reflect: Where have you seen examples of disinformation, misinformation, or fake news in your own life? What did you learn from this segment and the associated guides?

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