Experts in organizational leadership and workplace culture from Ross School of Business launch online course on ‘Reigniting Employee Engagement’

With exhaustion and distress at all-time high in the workplace both employees and leaders can learn tools, strategies and techniques to enhance their work and personal lives

Sean Corp, Content Strategist

As organizations work to define the “new normal” in workplaces everywhere, employees are struggling to balance workplace and personal satisfaction. People today are emotionally exhausted, happiness is at an all-time low, according to data from the General Social Survey. People are questioning their relationship to their careers, co-workers and organizations.  

A new course taught by experts in executive leadership, organizational management, and workplace culture from the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business helps people discover what makes for a more meaningful work environment and increase resilience and persistence.

The course is taught by Michigan Ross’ Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks and Cheri Alexander, who have spent decades consulting business leaders around the world in sectors including technology, financial services, government, manufacturing, healthcare and the automotive industry. 

They have also previously teamed on the course “Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating Immensely Human Interactions” where more than 20,000 have already enrolled learners have discovered a model to improve intra- and interpersonal skills required for emotional intelligence. Both courses are  available on Michigan Online and Coursera.

The key to reigniting employee engagement, according to Sanchez-Burks and Alexander, is  ensuring that people’s work lives resonate with meaning and purpose and their personal lives. The course introduces a framework of three interactive levers key to employee satisfaction and engagement – care, confidence, comparisons. The course mixes videos, animated vignettes and readings to help workers and organizational leaders understand the challenges employees face, recognize that nobody is alone in these feelings, and what they can do to increase their satisfaction.