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Police Brutality in America Teach-Out

Understanding the Impact of Police Violence / Lesson 9 of 11

The Talk: Conversations among Black Families

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For Black families, conversations about issues of race often have to happen early in childhood, and are continued throughout adolescence. This is often called “The Talk,” conversations that parents share with their Black children about how to navigate social, legal, and government structures safely in a world where these interactions are shaped by their racial identity. Whether it was the death of Emmett Till in 1955 or Trayvon Martin in 2012, fears about being profiled and targeted for violence are passed down through generations of warnings and wisdom. The resources below provide context about these conversations and the impact of racism on Black children and young adults living in the United States.

Video: Our Mental Health Minute | Session 8: Racial Socialization

Article and Podcast: Riana Anderson: Talk, Walk and Chalk

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