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Police Brutality in America Teach-Out

Take Action in Your Own Context / Lesson 8 of 11

Learn and Listen

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It’s important than any action you take is based on your own knowledge and beliefs, as well as being informed by the stories and expertise of Black organizers and scholars. 

  • If you feel you need to take this step, start by rounding out where you get your information. See the resources list for readings, films, and folks who share content that can help you learn. Follow these authors, creators, and organizers on social media. Find more organizations and media outlets that offer authentic content from BIPOC. 
  • If it feels safe to do so, be open to reading opposing viewpoints. This may help clarify your own views or help you prepare for responding to counter-arguments.
  • If you don’t have lived experience with police brutality and racism, be mindful of how you educate yourself. 
  • It’s critical to listen to the voices of those who do have lived experience. At the same time, work to digest and make sense of what you learn without further burdening those experiencing police brutality and racism. 
  • You might have more conversations with other people who are also learning and not living through racism themselves, unless initiated or supported by someone in your life who can offer their perspective as a BIPOC.  

Resources: Learn and Listen

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