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Police Brutality in America Teach-Out

Conclusion / Lesson 2 of 2

Comprehensive Additional Resources

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History and Evolution of Policing in America

From The Roots of Policing in the United States

Article:The Racist Roots of American Policing 

Podcast: Origins of American Police

From a History of Black Lives Matter

Video: Black Lives Matter explained: The history of a movement

Additional Resources:

Article collection and podcast: The 1619 Project and podcast by the NYT - Re-telling of U.S. history centering experiences and contributions of Black American.

Article: CityLab University: A Timeline of U.S. Police Protests - a recent history of protest movements responding to police brutality against Black lives.


Understanding the Impact of Police Violence

Full Article: I Am So Tired by Robert M. Sellers

From All Black Lives Matter

Organization: Transgender Gender-variant and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP)

From “The Talk: Conversations Among Black Families”

Video: Our Mental Health Minute | Session 8: Racial Socialization

Article: Riana Anderson: Talk, Walk and Chalk

Additional Resources

Resource Hub: Seven Last Words of the Unarmed -education resource list based around the Seven Last Words performance.

Article: How Structural Racism Affects Healthcare — Only by first acknowledging the effects can we work toward transformative changes

Article: A short history of black women and police violence

Article: Why Are Black Women and Girls Still an Afterthought in Our Outrage Over Police Violence?

Organization: Flower Boi STL - a peer network for masculine of centered POC to decolonize toxic masculinity. Also found on Instagram @flowerboiSTL

Organization: Black Girls Matter - campaign by The African American Policy Forum.

Article: 'Police are a force of terror': the LGBT activists who want cops out of Pride


The State of Modern Policing in America

Additional Resources

Article: Police officers convicted for fatal shootings are the exception and not the rule

Podcast: The Systems That Protect the Police - The Daily


Policing, Media, and Culture

Additional Resources

Organization:The Marshall Project, - non-profit source of journalism on criminal justice.

Playlist: Police Brutality in America Teach-Out on Spotify. Content Advisory: some songs may contain violent or explicit lyrics.

Video: “I Can’t Breathe” - video performance of a poem by Charmaine Pratt 

Article: Your Bookshelf May Be Part of the Problem - why diversifying your media landscape is an important part of self-education.

Article: 70 Black Voices to Add to Your Social Media Feed: A Starting Point for Diversifying your Worldview 


Responding to Police Brutality

From Protesting During a Pandemic

Article: What defunding police could look like in Detroit | Opinion by Chase Cantrell, Building Community Value

Additional Resources

Podcast: The Case For Defunding the Police - The Daily

Podcast series: Justice in America - each episode explains a criminal justice issue in conversation with experts and advocates.




Take Action

Find out about national and local law enforcement policies

Donate money to activist organizations or organizations supporting the wellbeing of activists and BIPOC

  • The Loveland Foundation - Therapy fund focused on Black women and girls.
  • The Steve Fund - national organization supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of young people of color.
  • The Bail Project - national bail fund combatting mass incarceration and inequity in the carceral state.
  • NAACP: Legal Defense and Education Fund - legal organization combating racial injustice through litigation, advocacy, and public education.

Get involved in local organizations in your area

  • Black Lives Matter - extensive list of organizations to donate to, ways to support ongoing actions, and additional resources for local, nation, and international anti-racist efforts.
  • Fight for $15 - national organization advocating for $15 national minimum wage and the right to workplace unionization. Local chapters available in many states.
  • The Movement for Black Lives - Parent organization connecting Black organizations across the U.S. to debate and build a movement-wide strategy.


Learn and Listen


Have Discussions

  • Demonstrating Effective Dialogue - members of the University of Michigan Program on Intergroup Relations discuss techniques for building effective dialogue on difficult subjects.


Take Care of Yourself