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Police Brutality in America Teach-Out

Understanding the Impact of Police Violence / Lesson 11 of 11

Understanding the Impact of Police Violence - Additional Resources

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Resource Hub: Seven Last Words of the Unarmed -education resource list based around the Seven Last Words performance.

Article: How Structural Racism Affects Healthcare — Only by first acknowledging the effects can we work toward transformative changes

Article: A short history of black women and police violence

Article: Why Are Black Women and Girls Still an Afterthought in Our Outrage Over Police Violence?

Organization: Flower Boi STL - a peer network for masculine of centered POC to decolonize toxic masculinity. Also found on Instagram @flowerboiSTL

Organization: Black Girls Matter - campaign by The African American Policy Forum.

Article: 'Police are a force of terror': the LGBT activists who want cops out of Pride

Organization: Police Brutality Center - resources from the Police Brutality Center

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