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Melting Ice Rising Seas Teach-Out

3D Model of the Russell Glacier in Greenland

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This 3D model is an experiment devised and conducted by Sean Curtis Patrick, Media Design and Production Lead at the University of Michigan Center for Academic Innovation, made in June 2019. Technical mentorship and tutelage by Perry Samson, PhD, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Atmospheric Science in the U-M College of Engineering. Visual effects assistance by Jade Ebels, Learning Assistant at the College of Literature, Science, and The Arts (LSA) and LSA Student, and Jeffery Butler, Media Designer at the Center for Academic Innovation. Logistical support by Jeremy Nelson, Director of the U-M Extended Reality Initiative. Written by Sean Curtis Patrick with assistance by Dr. Perry Samson, Dr. Mark Flanner, and Dr. Jeremy Bassis of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering at U-M.