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Extreme Weather: Tornado Season Teach-Out

Tornadoes: Outbreaks / Lesson 2 of 2

Dr. Greg Mann

1 minute

Dr. Greg Mann is the Science Operations Officer at the National Weather Service. Greg holds a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, 1994 , and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences 1999, both from the University of Michigan. He served as the chair of the NWS Integrated Science Steering Team along with many other NOAA and NWS advisory teams - currently including the NWS National Blend of Models Science Advisory Group. Greg’s research interests encompass mesoscale numerical weather prediction, ensemble output post-processing and visualization, advanced diagnostic techniques, mesoscale dynamics of fronts, air-water interactions, meteotsunamis, and Great Lakes effects.

In this conversation with Perry, Dr. Mann talks about how tornadoes are formed in Southeast Michigan and what the response and tracking mechanisms are from the National Weather Service.

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