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ChatGPT Teach-Out

Legal Implications of ChatGPT / Lesson 4 of 4

Government Regulation

4 minutes

In this video, Jack discusses the complexity of regulating AI technologies and several important legal issues related to ChatGPT.

Reflection Questions

While watching the video, review the questions below:

  • Who do you think should own the output of ChatGPT? Should it be treated as intellectual property or something else?
  • If you were a government official, how would you attempt to regulate ChatGPT and similar AI tools? Putting yourself into a citizen’s shoes, what aspects of ChatGPT would you feel more comfortable having laws around? As a user, how can you ensure that you are compliant with these laws and regulations?
  • What ethical or legal issues related to ChatGPT do you think are most pressing or deserving of attention?

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