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Healthy and Sustainable Foods and Products


The effects of climate change have prompted individuals and institutions to evaluate their impact on our planet. In this specialization, learn how you and global companies can reduce the harmful effects of overproduction and overconsumption on our health and the environment using quantitative metrics and assessment methods.

This series will allow you to:

Analyze the health impacts of global trade and identify the steps needed to reach sustainable consumption. Assess the nutritional and sustainable performances of 5,800 individual foods, analyzing the trade-offs between environmental, affordable, and healthy foods and diets. Calculate the environmental impact of systems and products over the entire product life cycle, from the cradle to the grave, by using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. Evaluate and mitigate the exposure, impacts, and risks of chemicals in a range of products, including personal care, cleaning, building products, and toys.

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  • Duration

    15 weeks

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  • U-M Credit Eligible