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Foundational Finance for Strategic Decision Making


In this specialization, you’ll focus on the mechanics and intuition of the main building block of finance — the time value of money. You’ll learn the structure and basics through assignments and tests that are introductory in nature but with real-world applications.

We developed this specialization with the express purpose of enabling you to understand and apply these foundational principles of finance to your everyday life. Understanding how to use finance for personal decisions will also help you understand and excel at making professional decisions. After the successful completion of this series, you will be equipped to make thoughtful decisions based on a framework that uses multiple advances in modern financial theory over the past several decades. The most important features of this specialization are: (a) it is an integrated set of courses with a focus on understanding both the theory and applicability of finance; and (b) it is applied in execution — everything is covered using examples.

The four courses in this specialization all build on each other, use real-world examples, and include richly designed assessments/quizzes to test your knowledge and enhance your learning experience. Assessments will progressively build in complexity as you better understand the applicability of finance to complex issues.

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    24 weeks

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  • U-M Credit Eligible