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Feedback Loops: How to Give & Receive High-Quality Feedback


Feedback plays a key role in the development of students and professionals of all kinds. Yet few people are taught how to give effective feedback or how to receive it.

This Feedback Loops specialization is designed to change that. Based on a popular class at the University of Michigan Law School that people have called “extremely useful,” “super engaging,” and “the highlight of my week,” it is full of evidence-based tips and techniques you can use to improve your feedback skills in a wide-range of situations: in school, at work, on athletic teams, inside musical groups, and certainly when interacting with your friends and family.

It also provides a number of “Feedback Labs” in which you can practice applying—in a safe, low-stakes way—the many concepts you’ll be learning.

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  • Duration

    16 weeks

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  • U-M Credit Eligible