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Construction Engineering and Management MasterTrack™


The Construction Management MasterTrack™ Certificate will prepare you to thrive in today’s global construction industry, which needs more highly-skilled professionals than ever. Demand for construction managers is growing and is expected to continue to climb in the U.S. and around the world. Construction engineers and project managers are involved in the planning, design, operations, maintenance, rehabilitation and evaluation of constructed facilities. However, many engineering, management, and architecture professionals in the construction industry lack the knowledge needed to coordinate an entire construction project. Through projects designed by faculty from the University of Michigan Tishman Construction Management Program, you’ll learn to apply the accounting, project management and decision making techniques vital to construction projects worldwide. With an effort of around five hours per week for 6-7 months, the Construction Management MasterTrack Certificate program will prepare you to apply your knowledge to a management job in the construction industry.


-How construction projects are created, organized, and financed
-Best practices for keeping construction projects organized and on schedule
-Leading sustainability practices in the construction industry today
-The appropriate techniques to properly account for ongoing construction projects
-How to use the proper equipment for efficiency and safety


-Construction Accounting
-Project Scheduling Techniques
-Worksite Safety
-Lifecycle Analysis
-Optimized Utilization of Construction Equipment

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  • Duration

    24 weeks

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    Coming soon

  • U-M Credit Eligible