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Master of Applied Data Science

  • 1-3 Years

    Full-time and part-time options available

  • 34 Credits

    Completed through 27+ courses

Do you like the idea of using data to help solve real-life challenges?

A Master of Applied Data Science degree from the University of Michigan School of Information could be your entry into one of today’s most in-demand fields. According to LinkedIn, data scientist jobs increased 56% last year and data scientist is ranked the #1 most promising job in America for 2019.

The Master of Applied Data Science (MADS) program will equip you with thorough preparation for managing data science from beginning to end in any number of real world contexts. It blends theory, computation, and application in a flexible online format. The MADS program includes study and application in data collection, processing, analysis, visualization, reporting, and intervention. It will enable you to learn how to draw conclusions and inform decisions with data, while being attuned to ethical considerations of data use.

Skills You'll Gain

  • Computational methods for big data

  • Visualizing data using multiple approaches

  • Analytic techniques (machine learning, network analysis, natural language processing, experiment design and analysis, causal inference, etc.)

  • Data science application in context (search and recommender systems, social media analytics, learning analytics, etc.)

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Distance Education Disclosure

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