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We are #HereToLearn

We all have goals. We want to advance our careers, expand our horizons, and make a positive impact in our communities. There are problems to solve, paths to take, and passions to pursue.

While our individual pursuits are important, the future requires us to learn together. Our global community of lifelong learners is connected by a shared commitment to the discovery of what’s next. Collectively, we must leverage knowledge and skills acquired over the course of our lives to build bridges between perspectives that advance society.

That’s why we, at Michigan Online are #HereToLearn. We are here, with you... on campus, in communities, all over the world... to learn, and contribute to a more peaceful, equitable and empowered future for us all.

“Respected, connected, probing, growing, committed to create a just & compassionate planet, for which we are yearning, challenging, listening deeply...”