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Using Public Policy for Social Change


Using Public Policy for Social Change provides a comprehensive introduction to public policy and its role in addressing societal challenges, with a focus on social inequalities. You’ll explore various areas of policy work, including social welfare, public health, the environment, education, and criminal justice. Learn the fundamentals of public policy design and analysis, and how policymaking functions across all levels of government in democracies worldwide.

The course offers the opportunity to delve into social issues you care about, learn from real-life policymakers and advocates, and strengthen your analytical, critical thinking, and advocacy skills to create positive social change. Using Public Policy for Social Change leads you through each step of the policymaking process and encourages you to see how your talents and passions can play a role in making the world a more equitable place.




4 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible



  • Paula Lantz

    James B. Hudak Professor of Health Policy

    Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy