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The Power of Object-Oriented Programming


Object-oriented programming (or OOP) is a model that allows you to organize data by classes and objects using attributes. It’s also one of the most popular types of programming, making it an essential skill to help you better communicate with programmers in your organization.

In this four-week course from the University of Michigan, you will expand your knowledge of OOP and learn how to write programs with objects from classes and how to write your own classes. You’ll also gain confidence as you learn to understand and modify larger object-oriented programs.

This course has a highly stimulating and creative approach to OOP. This includes activities like creating an image collage as well as a model of a real-world object, such as a Magic 8-Ball.

Through these activities, you’ll put your programming knowledge into practice using fun and innovative methods.

This course will allow you to communicate and work alongside other learners along the journey.
With this support, you’ll be able to use knowledge-sharing and teamwork to broaden your understanding and explore the possibilities of OOP together.

This course is designed for learners interested in extending their knowledge of Python.

It will also be helpful to those wishing to learn a textual programming language or for professionals who work and communicate with programmers but don’t use Python.




4 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible



  • Barbara Ericson

    Assistant Professor

    School of Information