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The History of Rocket Science


Modern rocket design started amidst World War II, pushing the boundaries of what rocketry was capable of. In The History of Rocket Science, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of this complicated history and discuss key advancements, like the creation of the V2 rocket. Examine the ramifications of the advancements of rocket science from a historical and societal perspective, going beyond the technological advancements during the war. This course also explores the Cold War, culminating in the United States’ creation of the Apollo 11 — the pivotal creation that landed the U.S. on the moon. Round out the course by getting a first-hand look at space shuttles, space stations, space tourism, and how companies are opening up space exploration.




4 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible



  • Aaron Ridley

    Professor of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

    College of Engineering