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Reimagining Educational Innovation


Reimagining Educational Innovation introduces local change agents to collaborative, continuous improvement – a locally grounded approach to innovation that empowers teachers, leaders, families, and community members to advance new ambitions for educational access, quality, and equity. Learners disrupt common conceptions of educational innovation as the exclusive province of policy, academic, and market actors, and explore how collaborative, continuous improvement empowers local innovators to address local educational opportunities, needs, and problems. Participate in a “virtual world tour” of collaborative, continuous improvement as enacted in diverse national contexts by teachers, family and community members, and school and system leaders, with guidance from leading researchers and support partners. Throughout, learners work systematically to construct a new, inclusive image of educational innovation in their local contexts anchored in norms of mutual respect, relational trust, and collective empowerment.





6 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible



  • Donald J. Peurach

    Professor of Educational Policy, Leadership, and Innovation in the School of Education