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Reigniting Employee Engagement


Welcome to Reigniting Employee Engagement with Professors J. Sanchez-Burks and Cheri Alexander. Engagement at work is tenuous at best. Stress and unhappiness remain elevated resulting in a myriad of challenges that limit the ability for us and others to thrive in our jobs. This course introduces three interactive levers, which can be used to reignite employee engagement. These levers include strategies and tools for surfacing what others care about, how to increase their confidence and ways to take better control of the comparisons that influence how we make sense of our environment. This course will use interactive tools, videos and animated vignettes to develop a strategic plan for using these levers in your work, and possibly in your personal life. This course aims to help you go forward with positive personal engagement in your lives, teams and organizations. We look forward to this partnership in learning and are excited to provide you with engaging content and stimulating exercises that will be fun and reflective.





4 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible



  • Cheri Alexander

    Professor of Practice Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business

  • Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

    William Russell Kelly Professor of Business Administration Professor of Management and Organizations

    Ross School of Business