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Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Reducing Bias in Healthcare


Bias in healthcare delivery leads to worse patient care and patient outcomes. Advancing Health Equity: A Guide for Reducing Bias in Healthcare provides you an interactive bias training that teaches skills applicable to addressing enhanced public health guidelines and approaching the work of health equity.

The racial and ethnic makeup of the United States is constantly shifting, and more specifically, becoming more diverse. Such changes require a more health equity-focused workforce and health equity-minded leadership. Bias training plays an essential role in leadership development, and it’s become imperative for all healthcare workers to recognize the foundational connection between biases and health care management and policy.

This course is designed to challenge your awareness, values, and actions on implicit and unconscious bias, and is intended to guide individuals hoping to contribute to this work in a healthcare context. The following core concepts form the basis of instruction and together offer an introductory perspective on this pressing topic: 1.) Community Orientation; 2.) Organizational Awareness; 3.) Professionalism; 4.) Accountability, Change Leadership, and Strategic Orientation.

An interactive 360-video experience allows you to engage in healthcare situations that center bias on multiple levels of our healthcare delivery systems. You will be prompted to consider multiple perspectives and roles, and use empathy to analyze bias and take action.





4 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible