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What We Offer

  • Collections

    Short videos, articles, podcasts, and more, carefully curated around a particular topic

  • Courses

    Self-paced, fully online courses that last 4-6 weeks and come with optional certificates

  • Series

    A group of multiple related courses that build on each other, often resulting in a certifcate

  • Teach-Outs

    Online learning events focused around a timely topic of public interest, lasting 7 hours or less

  • Degrees

    Fully online and hybrid accredited degree programs, completable in 1-2 years

What our learners are saying

  • Dr Chuck is an excellent presenter. He has an infectious enthusiasm and a methodical approach. The courses have not only exposed the breadth of material but also presented exercises that have enforced a depth of understanding. Additionally, the support provided when problems occur has been excellent.

    Alan Mallows

    Learner in Australia

  • The online format has given me the flexibility to pursue this degree while still working as an emergency physician and as an advocate for affordable healthcare. Without this option, the logistics of attending classes in a campus setting would have made acquiring this degree impossible. I have enjoyed the ability to connect with classmates in weekly Zoom sessions, and staying connected through Slack, Google Docs, and small group meeting on Zoom between in-person class sessions.

    Robert Davidson

    Learner in the United States

  • This has been an exceptional course. Primarily because I want to help my students. The course gave great ideas to do just that. Now I look ahead to an engaging online experience with students. The educational activities are designed in a way that there are successful take away for participants. I have greater confidence with incorporating educational technologies in my teaching. I learned a lot!

    Smita Ghosh

    Learner in India