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Master of Applied Data Science

Students in the School of Information (UMSI) Master of Applied Data Science program have access to renowned University of Michigan faculty and resources. They have opportunities to build community within and beyond cohorts of other UMSI students.

In addition to rigorous data science courses and networking with faculty, students, and alumni we also offer career and professional development support from UMSI’s Career Development Office, including access to our exclusive online job board and alumni networks.

The MADS program is well suited to part or full-time students including those who are participating while employed. For example, full-time students may complete the program in one year (12 months). Part-time students may complete the program in two years (24 months) or three years (36 months).

Unlike most online degree programs, the Master of Applied Data Science offers the opportunity for scholarships in addition to other types of financial aid. All applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships that will cover partial tuition.

Curriculum and Courses

Students will take courses in all essential subjects of applied data science, with an emphasis on an end-to-end, applied approach to data. The MADS program resides at the intersection of computation, theory and application, ensuring that students are putting their data science learnings into practice and are being prepared for data science careers in any industry.

Python is the primary programming language used throughout this curriculum. Students will also apply their data science skills and knowledge in projects along the way and at the end of the program. These tangible, hands-on projects will greatly benefit students in practicing end-to-end data science with real-world data and in real-world scenarios. The projects will also be collected in a portfolio students may share with others.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the MADS degree reflects the quality and value expected from a Michigan education. We offer competitive rates for both in-state and out-of-state students. Because U-M is partially state-funded, Michigan residents pay a lower rate. The rates are the same whether students are taking classes full or part time.

The total cost of the 34-credit degree (AY 2019/2020) is $31,688 for in-state and $42,262 for out-of-state students, before fees.