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Big Ideas in Programming: Expressing Yourself with Python


Harness the power of Python and its programming concepts to express yourself and refine all the work you do with this online course from the University of Michigan.

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning Python. Whether you want to discuss programming with other professionals, teaching others to code or use the language to do your own creative coding, this is the Python course for you!

The big ideas in programming are the building blocks that allow you to create large, interesting, and useful programs. Mastering these programming concepts (variables, loops, strings, conditionals, and functions) and data structures (lists, tuples, and dictionaries) in Python will allow you to really express yourself in the digital space.

The creative coding/programming skills that you acquire in this Python course will allow you to design and produce personalized stories, filter and transform data, use code visualisers, generate art, predict program output, and write better code that works smarter, not harder.

You can expect plenty of interactive practice, engaging assignments, and immediate feedback. This allows you to check your understanding at every step of the way, giving you the chance to really develop your confidence and skill.




4 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible



  • Barbara Ericson

    Assistant Professor

    School of Information