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CRISPR Gene Editing Teach-Out

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CRISPR is a genetic engineering technique, but just one of many.

Genetic engineering dates back to the 1970s, and has had far-reaching benefits for medicine, biomedical research, agriculture, and industrial applications. Among types of genetic engineering techniques, CRISPR is important because it is highly precise, cost effective, and very efficient. CRISPR has a major impact on diagnosing disease and developing therapies and treatments.

In this Teach-Out, you will hear from experts representing diverse disciplines: research, bioethics, conservation, medicine, theology, public engagement, and more. The intention is to focus on the progress, societal implications, and future impact of these technologies while briefly covering the technical aspects of gene editing technology. After this Teach-Out, you will have a basic understanding of what CRISPR is and its significance, and be able to think critically about how CRISPR impacts your life and community.





2 weeks


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U-M Credit Eligible



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