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Bachelor of Science Dental Hygiene - Degree Completion

Current trends in dental hygiene practice and delivery require advanced education. The Dental Hygiene Degree Completion E-Learning program provides dental hygienists the opportunity to continue their education and prepare for leadership roles and expanded career opportunities while remaining in their community of choice. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills to use sound scientific methods and access evidence-based information for making decisions in all aspects of their professional roles.

  • 2 Years
    Part-time/one class at a time
  • 36 Credits
    Completed through 12 courses
  • 100% Online
    2-day on-campus orientation required

Skills You'll Gain

  • Apply evidence-based decision making and best practices in all aspects of patient care, public health programming, education teaching, and research.

  • Identify community resources to increase access to care.

  • Work as a member of multidisciplinary health care teams and in alternative practice settings.

  • Pursue expanded roles and career opportunities in the dental hygiene profession.

Who is this Degree for?

Dental Hygiene Degree Completion programs are designed especially for the student who already has either an associate's degree or certificate in dental hygiene. The E-Learning program will offer the practicing hygienist the opportunity to advance their education while remaining in their community. This is important because dental hygienists are among the many health professionals who are prepared to assume greater responsibilities in promoting access to oral health and disease prevention, but they need realistic educational pathways to do so.

Distance Education Disclosure

Current and prospective online students are advised to review the notices provided on our Distance Education Disclosures page. This page contains institutional policies and federally required disclosures that impact online students, including information about the state authorization and professional licensure status of the university's online programs, unique complaint procedures available to out-of-state online students, and important notices for international students.