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Design Computing: 3D Modeling in Rhinoceros with Python Rhinoscript


Use Rhinoceros 3D modelling software to design complex geometric forms

As our world is increasingly impacted by the use of algorithms, designers must learn how to use and create design computing programs.

Structured around a series of fundamental design problems, this course will show you Python code in terms of its rules and syntax, and teach you what we can do with Python in its application and design.

By the end of the course, you’ll not only know the fundamentals of Python and Rhino script, but also understand them through the lens of their application in geometrically focused design lessons and exercises.

This course is designed for any students and practitioners who use the 3D modeling software Rhinoceros and want to design more complex geometric forms through structuring and implementing coding logics.

This course will be helpful to designers (architectural, industrial, product, web, furniture), artists (multimedia, digital, sculpture), and programmers.

By completing the course, students can decide if they’d like to study more advanced computing topics through further education, such as recursion, agents, and complex generative systems.

  • This course integrates with a 3rd party website called the Gallery Tool, which was created by the University of Michigan in order to support collaboration between learners. You will need to make sure that Javascript is enabled in your browser and check that you are using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported.
  • Learners will need access to Rhinocerous 3D which offers a free, full version, 90-day trial for Windows and Mac. After 90 days a purchased license will be required to save files or use plug-ins. We walk you through how to install Rhinocerous 3D in the course.




5 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible